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We work towards RCPAQAP goals of delivering superior EQA programs to advance outcomes in patient care, and promote excellence in laboratory output across India. 

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Quality Assurance Solutions

Providing Solutions to Indian Diagnostic Laboratories for quality assurance and excellence in patient care.

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One Solution to all EQA Needs

No other EQA provider has modules for all the faculties required by a single Laboratory. Sign up today to know more.

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Enrolments on for 2023 & 2024

We have started our annual enrolment in various modules for 2023 & 2024. Please sign up today to know more.

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Changing External Proficiency Testing Standards

Metis Healthcare has joined hands with RCPAQAP, the world’s leading provider of External Quality Assurance (EQA) Solutions.

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External Proficiency Testing

Internal Quality Control on its own does not accomplish accurate patient reports. Innovative science of EQA can make a difference to aid clinicians in precise clinical diagnosis.

Laboratory Quality Assurance Documentation

Complete documentation for Laboratory Accreditation is always a challenge. We support our customers for documentation thus assisting for Laboratory Accreditation.

Quality Assurance Training / IQ

Quality Assurance Training is a dynamic requirement for leading Hospitals & Laboratories. As part of their CME, customers utilize our expertise for their training in IQ / QA requirements.

Specialized IVD Reagents

To support our customers with their niche and esoteric requirements. We have joined hands with leading world class brands to supply specialized IVD Reagents.

About us

Quality Assurance has a new Name

We work towards RCPAQAP goals of delivering superior EQA programs to advance outcomes in patient care, and promote excellence in laboratory output across India. 

Headed by Prof. Sivan Kumaraswami ( A Microbiologist, Quality Assurance Evangelist and respected authority in India on Quality Assurance Program

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Best in class Service and Products

RCPAQAP stands for excellence in quality assurance and to continue to be a rewarding place as the first choice proficiency testing providers in Indian pathological laboratories across all the faculties of pathology and medicine and we at METIS Healthcare and Laboratory solutions are proud of being associated with them.

The mission is to make a positive impact in health care through leadership that will assure excellence in the practice of laboratory medicine.

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We Work On

Cost Effective Health Care

Enabling laboratory professionals to function at their highest level of competence will contribute to cost-effective health care.

Quality Assurance

Developing professional working opportunities so that laboratory practitioners can maintain competency are essential roles in quality assurance

Professional Responsibility

Taking a leadership role in standard and policy setting in quality assurance is a core professional responsibility which can enable to reduce of laboratory errors.

Quality Health

Advocating for quality within the laboratory is essential to the assurance of quality health care delivery.

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To whom so ever it may concern. We at Apollo Cancer Institutes, Chennai, have been utilising the RCPA external quality assurance program in Haematology for the past 10 years. The programmes enrolled for quality assurance in full blood counts, manual differential counts, hemostasis,ESR, CD34 counts for peripheral blood stem cell transplants and flow cytometry immunophenotyping have consistently assisted us in sustaining a bench mark in all the patients reporting, diagnosis and also monitoring the quality of the academic ability of pathologists. Over the years we have learnt to give precise diagnosis with pertinent descriptions on account of this EQAS program. Any laboratory must consider to enroll in RCPA EQAS programmes to generate consistent quality reporting in every aspect of laboratory haematology.

Dr.Lakshman.V HOD and Senior Consultant

The Department of Laboratory Medicine of Saifee Hospital (Mumbai) is a participant of RCPA-QAP Proficiency testing program since Year 2011. We have programs in several areas Haematology, Clinical and Special Biochemistry, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology. We are very satisfied with EQA materials, Analysis of Results, Report Evaluation and Feedback. This helps us in achieving good standards of results and setting systems in place.

Asiya Memon Manager - Pathology

"A Laboratory's quest for excellence in patient care and quality assurance" The maintenance of laboratory quality, and the ability to deliver the most accurate test results is paramount, from a clinical laboratory point of view. In addition to internal quality assurance protocols used routinely in daily working practice, external quality assurance programs play a vital role in enabling a laboratory to report precise results. The RCPAQAP has helped provide a wide range of quality testing material, especially for various tropical diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya viruses, which are not easily available with other proficiency testing material providers. Over the years, the RCPAQAP has helped the laboratory to confidently report patient test results and also assess the competency of the technical staff on a regular basis. It has been a valuable experience on the whole and we feel privileged to continue our association with you.

Shuchi Singhal Head QA - Laboratory Medicine